School Photos - Career Day
JB Wright Elementary hosted Career Day on May 6, bringing in professionals from different fields who shared their career experiences with students. The event provided students with valuable insights and inspiration for their future paths.
A professional drummer performs for Wright students
A student smiles behind the wheel of a purple car for Career Day
A boy in a red shirt raises his hand during a career day presentation
A woman with dark hair from Rafi Law Group signs a student's notebook
A female police officer presents for students on Career Day
School Photos - AVID Revealed Day
JB Wright Elementary recently held our AVID Revealed day, drawing educators and administrators from across the district. The event served as a collaborative platform for sharing insights and learning about the implementation of AVID strategies at our school.
Two boys in blue AVID Revealed shirts and lanyards stand next to the refreshments table
A group of students poses in their AVID Revealed shirts in front of the school mural
AVID folders sit on a table
A group of educators watches a presentation about AVID.
A boy in an AVID Revealed shirt holds up a star with the number 3.
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