2020-21 PTO Committee Members
Main Contact
PTO - Contact PTO by email - 520-232-8100

Ms. Campos
Principal - Contact Ms. Campos by email - 520-982-9089

Stacey Hinzman
President - Contact Stacey Hinzman by email - 520-442-8010

Tina Martz
Committee - Contact Tina Martz by email - 520-490-8556


The purpose of the Wright PTO is to provide support for the school, staff and students.  Our PTO actively supports the teachers and students through varied activities such as our Fall Festivals, Meet Yourself Open House, Trunk or Treat, and Penguin Patch.  PTO also helps with several different fundraising events like Box Tops and Fiesta Fundraiser.

The PTO raises funds to directly impact our children, their classrooms and teachers, in such areas as technology and classroom subsidies. We support classroom enrichment activities such as field trip expenses and extracurricular events like track and field.

We invite you to become involved.  We have a multitude of volunteer opportunities available, at school and at home, for anyone interested.  Let's continue to build Wright's community together!  Until further notice, we will meet every Wednesday in the library at 7:45 a.m.

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2020-21 School Site Council Minutes
May Minutes 2021
Minutes 5.4.21

February Minutes 2021
Minutes 2.16.21

December Minutes 2020
12.1.20 SC Minutes
12.8.20 SC Minutes

November Minutes 2020
Minutes 11.3.20

October Minutes 2020
SC Minutes 10.9.20

September minutes 2020
SC Minute 9.1.20 (003).pdf
2020-21 Family Engagement Team Members
This Year's Members Are:
Principal - Deanna Campos (Contact Deanna Campos by email)
School Community Liaison - Laura Padilla (Contact Laura Padilla by email)
Ex. Education - Martha Palacios - Martha.Palacios@tusd1.org
Counselor - Christine White - Christine.White@tusd1.org
Office Manager - MaryEllen Barley- Mary.Barley@tusd1.org
TA - Nadifo Yusuf - Nadifo.Yusuf@tusd1.org
Parents'/Guardian's-Lyanne Guerrero - alvaly0827@Gmail.com
Parents'/Guardian's - Maritza Higuera Loredo - higueramaritza461@Gmail.com
Valentina Pena - 2nd Grade Student
Alejandro Sesma- 2nd Grade Student
Community Member -Mark Sahlberg - markwsahl@Gmail.com
Community Member- Harvey Crawford - azxtex@msn.com


Please contact our Community Liaison Ms. Laura Padilla at laura.padilla@tusd1.orgfor more information about joining our Family Engagement Team.
Membership Application
Apply Now!

If you are interested in joining Wright's PTO, please email ptsojbwright@gmail.com.

2019-2020 Members
This Year's Members Are:
If you are interested in becoming a member of Site Council, (please contact Ms. Deanna Campos by email) or (contact Ms. Robin Hayes by email).

Principal and Administration - Deanna Campos
Committee Chair- Robin Hayes
Certified Staff - Robin Hayes, and Christine White
Classified Staff - Kelly Blecker
Parents - Stacey Hinzman
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