Family Engagement Team

The purpose of the Wright Family Engagement Team is to Support improvement goals through family engagement activities, writes plans and conducts or delegates activities to organize and improve communication with all families on student learning, homework, parent-teacher conferences, and other important school and classroom topics.
Family Engagement Meeting Schedule
Family Engagement Team Meeting
Family Engagement Team Meeting
Family Engagement Team Meeting
Family Engagement Team Agenda, 2022
You may download a pdf file with this year's by-laws here:
This year's by-laws will be decided at our first meeting later this month.
Family Engagement Team Members 2022-2023

Mrs.Brenda Encinas, Principal
Contact Mrs.Brenda Encinas by Email

Mrs.Kelly Beckler, Attendance Clerk
Contact Mrs.Kelly Beckler by Email

Mrs.Stacy Hinzman, PTO President, Parent
Contact Mrs.Stacy Hinzman by Email

Ms.AnnaMarie Mamake, Parent
Contact Ms.AnnaMarie Mamake by Email

Ms.CC White, Counselor
Contact Ms.CC White, Counselor by Email

Mrs. Manal Tafish, Arabic Teacher
Contact Mrs. Manal Tafish by Email 

Mrs.Laura Padilla, School Community Liaison
Contact Mrs.Laura Padilla by Email

Ms.Martha Palacios -Ex Ed Teacher
Contact Ms. Palacios by Email

Mrs.Tammy Nelson, KG Teacher, Facilitator
Contact Mrs.Tammy Nelson by Email

Ms. Viola Hoard, Parent- (520)475-0229

Maritza Parra,Parent-(520)661-3037

Marisela Aguilar, Parent- (520)312-9760

Anthony Liendo,Parent-(520)241-2992

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