Garden Photo
Garden Overhaul
Below is our link to the University of Arizona students helping our school to overhaul our gardens.  Please visit the link to see what an extraordinary job they did!
Wright Garden
Community Learning Garden
Throughout the day, students and staff have classes in our garden.  Since our Community Garden was created, Wright has partnered with the University of Arizona to have garden interns who partner with teachers and classrooms to learn about our environment, nutrition, and build stronger community relations.

Desert Tortoise
In our school courtyard, we used to have a desert tortoise named "Lucky."  Alas, he has decided to travel the world. We hope to have a new tortoise soon in our desert habitat. 

Garden to Cafeteria
Each year, Wright has a garden to cafeteria event where our staff and students harvest vegetables and fruit from our garden and create nutritious and delicious meals for our students to eat. 

Kind Tree
In Spring 2018, Wright Elementary created our "Being Kind" Tree Mural. Now, Wright's expectations are to be respectful, responsible, safe, and kind. You can view our "Kindness Tree" in the school courtyard.

In Fall 2018, our courtyard greenhouse was completed!  We currently expanded our capacity to grow plants from seeds to seedlings.  We are also working to trade seedlings with other school garden programs in TUSD.
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